James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Barbara Mary Glendinning (1924-1998)

Gwladys and Halbert’s daughter Barbara Mary Glendinning, who was born at Ifield on 1 October 1924 was known as Barbie. She went to Micklefield Girls’ School at Seaford, Sussex which was evacuated to Newquay in Cornwall. She got a BA in English from London University and was a very capable person and, I am told, not one to suffer fools gladly. She was very interested in the theatre and she met her future husband when they were at the Q Theatre, training as stage-managers. They worked with touring companies and were married on 29th September 1948 in London [Ealing 1948, 2nd qt]. Once their children arrived Barbie gave up work. Later, she and her husband ran an antique shop in Tunbridge Wells; he concentrated on paintings, old prints and framing and Barbie on children’s games, toys and books pre 1920.

In later life, Barbie suffered from severe memory problems and was also diagnosed with liver cancer. With the help of nurses and home carers, her husband looked after her at home during her terminal illness. She died on 9 September 1998. She is survived by her husband and a large family.

Alexander David Glendinning (1929-1990)

Alexander David Glendinning (aka Sandy), was born on 6 June 1929 at Eltham and, like his elder brother, was educated at Ashdown House Prep. School, Forest Pew in Sussex and Cheltenham College. He then did his National Service in the RAF. He was interested in cars and subsequently worked in St John’s Wood with Car Mart, a car rental company and a subsidiary of Roots; it was Sandy’s job to bring the cars back from wherever they had been left. He lived in small hotels in London but later bought a flat in Surbiton and it was here that he suffered a heart attack. His brother arranged for him to go into a home in Southend but he died soon afterwards on 6 May 1990. Sandy was a great reader and also a very interested in gardening, though only theoretically; he was very knowledgeable about plants. Sandy never married.