James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Mary's activities

Mary Owen in costume Mary Owen & dogs Mary loved dogs. She kept a black Labrador Sam for many years and then a Wire Fox Terrier called Jack who she firmly believed would protect her so she persuaded Mrs. Hodgy to feign an ‘attack’ on her, which prompted Jack to bite Mary’s ankle! The photo (right - no enlargement) shows Mary in Welsh costume with two of her dogs. That on the left shows Mary with her daughters and dogs.

Mary regularly attended St. Mary’s Church, Ifield. Ladies were not officially allowed to sing in the church choir or parade in surplices but she and other ladies would sit at the back of the choir stalls as an ‘additional’ choir. I am told that at some point Mary found this church too dull and left it to go to a ‘hut church’.

My mother remembered her Aunt Mary with great affection. She recalled that Mary always seemed to be knitting - Mary’s grandson agreed – and invariably men’s socks! Eric Wynn Owen described her as a very kind but efficient lady with a purposeful walk. She was a kindly person if not outwardly demonstrative. She did not have many close friends but she was well respected in Ifield. She preferred to invite people to tea rather than to lunch or dinner parties. She was close to her brothers Reginald, as has already been mentioned, and Oswald, a Newcastle vicar, who visited her every year - Hodgkinson called Os ‘the Bishop’. She helped her youngest brother Frank with his emigration to Canada and took Frank and his son on a tour of England when they returned on a visit. Even in later life she never let it be forgotten that she was the eldest – Be quiet Os. I’m older than you.