James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Residence in the south

Glyn 5 Mary and her daughters initially lived at 18 St. Petersberg Place, Bayswater; she was living there when she went to Canada for the wedding of her daughter, Elsie, in the Spring of 1921 and when she applied for her son’s medals on 10 September 1921, but in 1923 she and Elsie’s family all moved to Ifield, Sussex, and Mary took up residence in a beautiful house called ‘Glyn’. It was an old Sussex cottage, which was considerably extended in the early thirties, the architect being her brother Reginald (my grandfather), and she had a splendid lych gate built at the entrance. (More pictures of the house and grounds, as well as of the lych gate, can be seen by clicking on this picture of Mary's brothers, Reginald and Os, standing beside the lych gate.)

Reginald’s children were very close to Aunt Mary; all three of them were under ten and staying with her at the time of their mother’s death. Thereafter, it was Mary who helped sort out the occasional domestic crises for Reginald and his children. As the eldest child in her family Mary was very much the matriarchal figure. Reginald’s two youngest children, one of whom was my mother, were particularly close to her and often visited ‘Glyn’ by catching the train to 'Three Bridges' where they were collected by Hodgkinson (‘Hodgy’), Mary’s chauffeur/ houseman - ‘Mrs. Hodgy’, was the family cook/ housekeeper (they were Thomas H and Jennie Hodgkinson). There was also a gardener, Butcher, who was not very popular either with the other staff or with the Mary’s grandchildren but kept the garden tidy.