James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Mary's family

Noel & Elizabeth Tyson Tysons with Elizabeth Owen William and Mary had three children. Gwladys Mary Tyson (occasionally spelt 'Gladys') was born on 6 August 1891, Elizabeth Tyson almost three years later [Birkenhead 1894, 2nd qt] and William Noel Dawson Tyson on 7 December 1896 [Birkenhead 1897, 1st qt] William was known as Noel (pronounced Noyle). The family was still living with William’s father in 1901 at 'Rockhurst', Warren Drive, Wallesey (map) and the household included four resident domestic staff.

Whilst they were living in New Brighton they would have witnessed the construction of the New Brighton Tower (right), built in 1898 and more than 100 feet taller than the famous Blackpool Tower. For over twenty years it was a landmark for ships sailing into Liverpool Bay.

Wynnfield At the time of the 1901 census Mary’s sister, Edith, was staying with them. Mary, William and their children subsequently moved into the house 'Wynnfield' (right) designed by my grandfather, Reginald Wynn Owen, who was an architect. This house in Craven Drive, New Brighton (map), may also have been home for a while to Mary’s unmarried sisters, Clara and Edith.