James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

John Lowry Morgan Owen (cntd.)

Jack married in Chile and had a son, (John) Cledwyn M Owen, perhaps named after Jack's employer in Pwlhelli. Following Jack’s death, his son returned to the UK: Cledwyn Owen, aged 19 and a clerk, arrived at Liverpool on 31 October 1932, aboard the Reina del Pacifico of the Pacific Steam Navigation Co. line, having embarked at Talcahuano. With him was Mary Owen, aged 50, presumably his mother. Their country of origin was Chile and their intended address was 52 Hanworth Road, Feltham, Middlesex.

According to the Electoral Register, by the mid-1930s Cledwyn was living at 91 Highbury Quadrant, Islington, with three others, two of whom were Ivy and Walter James Sibley, who were related: Walter's father and Ivy's grandfather were brothers, raised in Stisted, Essex. (Highbury Quadrant is now largely modern blocks of flats but this article has a picture of a nearby building, called the Highbury Centre, which is now a Christian hotel and is still the Home of the Foreign Missions Club. It was formerly used to accommodate British missionaries returning to London from their overseas posts and it may have brought Cledwyn to the area.)

Ivy Sibley was almost the same age as Cledwyn and they later married [Goole (Yorks) 1941, 4th qt]. I was told that Cledwyn fought with the 8th Army throughout WWII and that he and Ivy later lived in Tenby.

Consistent with the age of the Cledwyn Owen in the above-mentioned records, the death of a John Cledwyn M. Owen, born on 12 August 1913 (no such birth is recorded in the General Register which suggests he was born abroad), was recorded in March 1989 [Haverfordwest]; Haverfordwest is about 12 miles from Tenby. I believe Cledwyn and Ivy had no children.