James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Sarah Louisa Owen (2 of 2)

Sally returned to England in 1912; she is said to have seen the Titanic setting sail. She met her husband Arthur Andrew Harris through her sister, Myfanwy, who helped to nurse him back to health at the Coventry and Warwick hospital in Coventry, following a bout of influenza. Apparently, Myfanwy persuaded him to drive down to collect Sally from Southampton and Arthur and Sally were married later that year [Oakham 1912, 3rd qt]. It is likely that the ceremony would have been conducted by Sally's uncle, Thomas William Owen, at that time vicar at nearby Empingham, Rutland. In the 1891 and 1901 censuses, Albert's age was given as 8 and 18 respectively. This would have been consistent with his birth co-inciding with the apparent death registration of his mother, Mary Ann Harris, aged thirty-seven [Foleshill 1882, 3rd qt] (she had been thirty-five in the 1881 census and in 1891 his father was a widower). However, the 1939 register states that Arthur was born on 10 May 1884 [Coventry 1884, 2nd qt].

Sally lived all her married life in Coventry. Arthur was an accountant; he was municipal clerk and later worked for the Electricity Board in the city; in 1939 Arthur was an "Electricity Supply Secretarial Clerk". She and Arthur had one child Olwen Harris, who was born at Counden (now part of Coventry) on 9 Dec 1915. In 1939 the family was living at 23 Hartington Crescent, Coventry and Olwen was a jeweller's saleswoman. On 21 August 1943, at Earlsdon, Coventry, Olwen married Douglas Horace Howell. He had been born on 13 November 1914 in Dartford, Kent, and had become a certified accountant. Douglas died in Nuneaton in 2007 and Olwen died in 2014 at Wisbech, aged 98.

Sally was closest to her sisters (Gwen) Lily and Myfanwy and to Myfanwy's daughter, and Olwen recalled visits to them, though contact with Wales was lost over the years. Arthur died on 4 November 1960 in the hospital where he had first met Myfanwy. Sarah lived to be 94 [d Rugby 1975, 3rd qt].

There are living descendants.