James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Lily & David's children (cntd)

Oswald and Catherine’s eldest son married Ivy Lloyd Roberts who was born on 4 September 1933 and died in 2003 [Bedford Oct 2003]. Oswald and Catherine’s second son, David Oswald Brotherton, was born on 9 August 1935 and married Gladys Hughes in 1964 [Bangor 1964, 1st qt]. I believe they had a son. David died, aged 69, in 2004 [Bangor Sep 2004]. Oswald and Catherine’s daughter married and I believe she had two sons and three daughters. There are living descendants.

Lily and David’s fourth child was Elias Owen Williams (b. Friday, 20 October 1911); he married Lily Beatrice Cannon in 1936 [W. Bromwich 1936, 3rd qt] and they lived in Birmingham. He died on 2 February 1993 and is buried (see gravestone) at Llanllechid alongside his parents. Lily, who was born on 23 Feb 1913, died, aged 83, in 1996 [Sandwell, Oct 1996].

Elias and Lily had a son and two daughters. There are living descendants.

Lily and David’s fifth child was Barbara Hamstone Williams (b. Tuesday, 22 July 1913); she married Hugh Arthur Evans in 1940 [Bangor 1940, 1st qt]. He was a local government Chief Financial Officer, born on 13 August 1906. Barbara died in 1982 [Bangor 1982, 2nd qt]. They had a daughter and there are living descendants.

Lily and David’s sixth child is the last surviving of their children. She married Thomas Williams, an overseer at Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda; they had no children.

Lily and David’s seventh child, Vera Gwendoline Williams, was born on Thursday, 6 May 1920 and married Ernest Richard Foster [ b Richard E Foster, Bangor 1914, 1st qt] in 1941 [Bangor 1941, 2nd qt]; he was a sea captain who died when he was about fifty. (His brother Sir Idris Foster (1911-1984), was a distinguished academic attached to Liverpool University before becoming Professor of Celtic and a Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford (1947-1978.)).

Vera lived in Bethesda. She and Ernest had a son and a daughter. Vera died, aged 82, in 2002 [Bangor Oct 2002]. There are living descendants.