James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Lily & David's children (cntd)

Oswald and Catherine’s eldest son married Ivy Lloyd Roberts who was born on 4 September 1933 and died in 2003 [Bedford Oct 2003]. Oswald and Catherine’s second son, David Oswald Brotherton, was born on 9 August 1935 and married Gladys Hughes (b 19 May 1942) in 1964 [Bangor 1964, 1st qt]. I believe they had a son. David died aged 69 in 2004 [Bangor Sep 2004]. Oswald and Catherine’s daughter married and appears to have two sons and three daughters. There are living descendants.

Lily and David’s fourth child was Elias Owen Williams (b. Friday, 20 October 1911); he married Lily Beatrice Cannon in 1936 [W. Bromwich 1936, 3rd qt] and they lived in Birmingham. He died on 2 February 1993 and is buried (see gravestone) at Llanllechid alongside his parents. Lily, who was born on 23 Feb 1913, died, aged 83, in 1996 [Sandwell, Oct 1996]. Elias and Lily had a son and two daughters. There are living descendants.

Lily and David’s fifth child, Barbara Hamstone Williams (b. Tuesday, 22 July 1913) was a District Nurse with the Ogwan District Nursing Association in 1939. She married Hugh (aka Huw) Arthur Evans in 1940 [Bangor 1940, 1st qt]. I believe Hugh was born on 13 August 1906 [Bangor], in which case he was he was a "Traveller (Drapery)" boarding in Holyhead, Anglesey, in 1939 (I am told he became a local government Chief Financial Officer) and died in 1984 [Caernarfon]. Barbara died in 1982 [Bangor 1982, 2nd qt]. They had a daughter and there are living descendants.

Lily and David’s sixth child, Sarah Olwen Williams was born on 17 April 1917. She married [Bangor 1937, 4th qt] Thomas Williams (b 5 Oct 1914), an overseer at Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda. They were living with Sarah's mother in 1939. She was the last surviving of Gwen and David's children; she died on 17 May 2010. She and Thomas had no children.

Lily and David’s seventh child, Vera Gwendoline Williams, was born on 6 May 1920. In 1939 she was a hairdresser's assistant, living with her mother. She married Ernest Richard Foster [ b Richard E Foster, Bangor 1914, 1st qt] in 1941 [Bangor 1941, 2nd qt]; Vera told me he was a sea captain who died when he was about fifty. (His brother Sir Idris Foster (1911-1984), was a distinguished academic attached to Liverpool University before becoming Professor of Celtic and a Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford (1947-1978.)). Vera and Ernest had a son and a daughter. Vera was living in Bethesda when she died, aged 82 [Bangor Oct 2002]. There are living descendants.