James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Lily & David's children

(Dorothy) Enid Williams was born on Monday, 22 August 1904, in Croydon, according to the 1911 census, which is where her mother's sister Susan Greengrass lived. Dorothy spoke both English and Welsh. In 1924 [Bangor 1924, 4th qt] Enid married William John Roberts (b 6 June 1905). In 1939 they lived at 23 William Street, bangor and William was a General Labourer. Enid was 43 and William 42 and a labourer when on 1 April 1948, aboard the Ascania, they left Livepool bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia, their last address in UK being 23 William Street, Bangor. They then lived in Winnipeg before settling in Brandon and William worked for a railway company. They had gone to join their only child, Dorothy Minnie Roberts [b Bangor 1925, 3rd qt] who had married a Canadian airman, Norman G Cameron (CRAF Reg. No. J91074) in Bangor on 5 February 1945, I believe. She was listed on the Canadian Wives’ Bureau, Civillian Repatriation Section as travelling aboard the Mauritania which sailed from Liverpool on 1 March 1946, bound for Halifax, Canada. Her last address in UK was also given as 23 William Street, Bangor and her proposed residence in Canada was with her mother-in-law, Mrs. J Cameron, at Suite 39, Themo Mansions, Winnipeg. Dorothy was living in Calgary in about 2000 and it was here that she died, aged seventy-nine in 2004; her obituary appeared in the Calgary Herald in September that year; Norman predeceased her.

Lily and David's son Griffith Richard Williams (‘Griff’), was born on 5 August 1905, in Bethesda. He spoke both English and Welsh and after training as a motor mechanic in Luton he returned to join the family transport business; he, his father, his father’s eldest brother jointly owened it until his father retired. Griff married Florence May Collins (b 3 May 1904) in 1926 [Bangor, 1926, 2nd qt]. In 1932 they were living at 24 Llanllechid Road, Llanllechid. Griff died in the winter of 1981/2 [Bangor 1981, 1st qt]. They were still there in 1939 when Griff was a 'Lorry Driver - Haulage'. With them was their son, a widower William Ll Hughes who was also a lorry driver, and a twelve-year old schoolboy, Donald Todd, who may have been an evacuee. Griff died aged 76 [Bangor 1982, 1st qt] and Florence aged 87 [Bangor, July 1991]. There are living descendants.

Lily and David’s third child, Catherine Margaret Williams was born on 12 December 1909. She married Oswald Brotherton (b 12 Sept. 1903) in 1932 [Bangor, 1932, 3rd qt]; in June 1932 when Oswald was a witness to the will of Catherine’s uncle, Thomas Edward Owen, he gave his home address as 'Rhianfa' Llanllechid, the home of Catherine’s parents. In 1939 Oswald was a 'motor mechanic' and he and his family lived at 44 Adwy'r Nant, Bethesda. Catherine died, aged 80 [Bangor Mar 1990] and Oswald in 1971 in Barmouth, Merionethshire. There were three children.    >>