James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The Children of William and Susan Ellen Greengrass

William and Susan’s first child Myfanwy Minnie Greengrass was born on 8 May 1900, in Norwood, Surrey. She was a very self-assured young lady and quite a character; she became one of the first female secretaries to work in the City. On 19 October 1929 she married Frederick Ernest Winter at St Augustine's church, Croydon. He had been born at Caterham on 11 July 1906. She was a staunch Conservative all her life and he a Socialist but they managed to reconcile these differences. They had a son and a daughter and there are living descendants. In 1939 they were living at 5 Byrnes Road, Croydon and Frederick was a heating and domestic engineer. He died on 13 December 1988, aged 82, and Myfanwy died on 12 August 1990, aged 90 [both Croydon].

Their daughter Margaret Ellen Greengrass (1904 - 1988), born on 13 July 1904 [Croydon 1904, 3rd qt], was christened at St. Augustines on 1 October 1904. Margaret married Ernest J Potter very late in life [Croydon 1967, 4th qt]; she died in 1988 [Croydon, Jan 1988].

Vera's twin Enid Greengrass (1906-1993) married Albert Maurice Baldwin (b 22 Feb 1907, [Barnet]) on 7 June 1930 at St Augustine’s, Croydon. They had a son and a daughter. In 1939 they were living at 35 Byrne's Road and ALbert was a toolroom miller. Their son Gerald Maurice Baldwin had been born on 5 June 1931. He married Gwendoline F Chenery [Croydon 1958, 3rd qt] and they had a son and a daughter before going to live in New Zealand; on 25 June 1965, when Gerald was 34, the family arrived in Auckland from Melbourne aboard SS Orlama. Gerald visited England but sadly he died of cancer on 23 December 1997, within about six months of his return to New Zealand. He was buried at North Shore Memorial Park, Auckland.

Albert died in the winter of 1978/9 [Croydon 1979, 1st qt] and Enid died in 1993, aged 86 [Worthing, Apr 1993]. There are living descendants.

William and Susan’s youngest child Gwladys Greengrass was born on 3 March 1909 [Croydon 1909, 2nd qt]. She married Sidney P Glover in 1940 [Surrey Mid E 1940, 1st qt]. They had two sons. They lived for much, if not all, of their married life at 8 Braemar Avenue, Sanderstead, Surrey, which was where Gwladys's father was living when he died (probate was granted to George Henry Glover). Gwladys's sister Margaret lived with them for many years. Sidney's background is something of a mystery but he may be the Sidney Ernest Ponter Glover born in Woolwich on 29 June 1906, whose mother's maiden name was Ponter. Gwladys died in 2002 [Croydon Oct 2002]. There are living descendants.