James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Susan Ellen Owen (1868-1940)

House in Byrnes Road Croydon Another daughter of Rev. Elias Owen and Margaret was Susan Ellen Owen, born on 1 June 1868 [Bangor]. She may be in this 1895 family photo. She met William Greengrass, several years her junior, when he was studying at 'Coleg Normal', a teacher training college in Bangor. They were married on 16 August 1899, by Susan’s brother Thomas, then a Minor Canon of Bangor Cathedral, when William was in his third year at college. She was then living at Perry House, Llanllechid, and he was a schoolmaster of 37 Bynes Road, Croydon, the son of Maria and William Greengrass , Assurance Agent. William (the son) had been born on 17 September 1874 in Weston, Suffolk [Wangford 1874 4th qt], and in 1881, had been living at 2 Richmond Terrace, Bynes Road. Witnesses of the marriage included Susan’s cousin, Thomas Francis Shelby, her sisters, Myfanwy and Lily, and her brother Edwin. In 1891 Susan and William lived at 35 Bynes Road, Croydon, (right) and William was an elementary schoolteacher. From the local directories, at least from 1886 to 1929, various members of the Greengrass family occupied two adjacent houses in Bynes Road, Croydon. In 1901 the couple was living at 23 Ferndale Road, South Norwood, Croydon, with ten-month old Myfanwy.

In 1911 William was an Assistant Teacher and they were back at 35 Bynes Road with children Myfanwy (10), Margaret Ellen (6), Enid (4) and Gwladys (2); however they had lost two children in infancy. Their son William Greengrass [b Croydon 1902, 1st qt] was christened at St. Augustines South Croydon on 26 October 1902 and died, aged 2 [Croydon 1904, 2nd qt]. Their daughter Vera Greengrass, born on 24 December 1906, was christened at St. Augustines on 22 May 1907. She was the twin of Enid (see next page) and survived only a few months [d Croydon, 1907, 2nd qt]. Her grandmother, Maria R. Greengrass, who lived either with the family or next door, died at about the same time, aged 54 [Croydon, 1907, 2nd qt].

I am told that William taught at and was subsequently headmaster of a school in Shoreditch, London. He was a retired LCC Headmaster in 1939 when he and Susan were living at 50 Glossop Road, Croydon, their daughters Margaret and Gwladys were living with them. Susan died aged 72 in 1940 [Surrey Mid E 1940, 4th qt]. William was living at 8 Braemar Avenue, Sanderstead, Surrey, when he died on the 23 November 1949.