James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Possible Descendants

Wharton Peers Jones Graciela Atala Gonzalez Several websites contain information about possible descendants of Wharton and Mary. This site includes Wharton Peers Jones (1919-1970), (left) who married Graciela Atala Gonzalez (right), both deceased and apparently childless. Was this the eldest son [b Bangor 1890, 4th qt] and named after his father?

This site about events in Valdivia, Chile, in 1917, mentions 'Consuelo Katherine Wharton Peers-Jones'. Presumably, she is the same person, listed as Consuelo Peers Jones (b 1902, Santiago) on this site and this site, from which the following information is taken: Consuelo Peers Jones (b 1902, Santiago, d Santiago) married Jorge Luco Cruchaga (b Santiago, March 7, 1899), who came from an aristocratic family and was a very successful businessman. They had two children:
Mary Ana Luco Peers Jones (1) Consuelo Luco Peers Jones (b 19 March 1919, Santiago, d Los Angeles, Chile) married Miguel Benítez Martinez (b 19 March 1919, Los Angeles, Chile, d Los Angeles, Chile) - no children:
(2) Luco Mary Peers Jones (b 1927, Santiago) married Sergio del Sante Monckeberg (b 17 Feb 1924, Santiago, d 06 Aug 2003 Santiago) and they had two children:
(2.1) Sergio Sante Monckeberg, del, (b Santiago) (nothing more known about him)
(2.2) Eduardo Sante Luco, del, (b Santiago) married Ana María Bravo (b Santiago) and their son, Felipe Sante Bravo, del, married Josefa Troncoso Fuentes but they had no children.

The University of Kentucky awarded Keryma Peers-Jones, Chile, a free tuition scholarship for the 1944-45 school year, for undergraduate study in Commerce. This site announced the funeral service of Mary Ana Luco Peers Jones (right) - possibly a professional grower of fruit trees - at the church, "Parroquia San Francisco de Sales-Vitacura", on 10 December 2013, followed by interment at "Parque del Recuerdo Américo Vespucio" in Huechuraba, Santiago.
Chilean Official Records show that "Luco Peers Jones Mary" owned land in Requínoa, 100km south of Santiago, in 2000.
Finally this news item may involve a daughter-in-law and granddaughter of Mary and Wharton.