James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Mary (Ana) Luco Peers Jones (cntd.)

I believe the couple divorced and Sergio del Sante Monckeberg then married Isabel Bunster Montes, I came across a strange article about her, purportedly written by her cousin. He wrote: "Ella se casó con alguien de familia muy rica que después se arruinó, la pareja se deshizo de manera asaz ambigua, los padres murieron en la pobreza uno tras otro" (She married someone from a very wealthy family who later became financially ruined, the couple separated in a rather ambiguous manner, the parents died in poverty one after the other.) Sergio died in Santiago in 2003.

Mary Ana Luco Peers Jones According to this site , Mary Ana Luco Peers Jones owned a company with offices at “Panamerica Sur Km. 100 - Requi 0, Rancagua”. (I believe this is now called ‘Panamericana Sur’ and it passes through Requinoa. The city of Requinoa is about 100 kilometres south of Santiago and lies in the commune of Rancagua, as does the city of Rancagua, capital of the Cachapoal Province and of the O'Higgins Region.) Presumably Mary's company produced wine since it is also listed, on page 15 of this site, as being transferred, in 2007, from her ownership to that of the huge and famous Concha y Toro wine company, currently (2021) sponsors of Manchester United Football Club. She also owned land elsewhere in Chile, some of which she was forced to sell in 1999, for the construction of Ruta 5, between Chillán and Collipulli, to the east of Concepción.

In 2003 she was involved in an unsuccessful cassation case (see here for details).

Latterly, I believe Mary lived in the affluent Las Condes area, on the outskirts of Santiago. She died, on 8 December 2013, and, after a service at the church, "Parroquia San Francisco de Sales-Vitacura", she was interred at "Parque del Recuerdo Américo Vespucio" in Huechuraba, Santiago.

Some trivia: In 1936, a triangular sports competition was held, between teams - all employees of the National Savings Bank - from Santiago, Valparaiso and Rancagua, and a member of the Peers Jones family represented Rancagua at football (centre forward) and at table-tennis. (La Nacion, 29 Nov. 1936)