James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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The children of Eva Margaret Owen 1

Eva Mgt Owen & family The eldest son of Eva Margaret and Maurice Robert Jones, William (aka Bill) Jones (photo), was born on 8 January 1915 [Wrexham 1915, 1st qt]. He married May Goodger [Wrexham 1942, 1st qt] and that they had a daughter who is married with children. British Gas was one of several firms Bill worked for; he was working at Shotton Steelworks when he retired. He died on 31 July 2003. Eva and Maurice's second son was called Stanley Parry Jones (photo). He was born on 22 May 1916 [Wrexham 1916, 3rd qt] and he married a Liverpool lass, Lily Kirlew [Wrexham 1944, 3rd qt]. They had a son and a daughter who herself has two daughters. Most of Stanley's working life was spent with the Wrexham undertakers, Caldicotts. Stanley died, aged 69 [Wrexham Maelor, Apr 1986]. Eva and Maurice's eldest daughter, Vera Jones (photo), was born on 7 November 1918 [Wrexham 1918, 4th qt] and married Tadeusz (aka Tad) Tobolski [Wrexham 1950, 1st qt] who was born on 6 November 1918. They had a son and a daughter. For many years Vera worked for the same printers that produced the magazines in which Rev. Elias Owen's work originally appeared. She died, aged 69 [Leeds, Apr 1987] and Tad, aged 70 [Leeds Mar 1988]. (Maurice) Robert (aka Bob) Jones was born on 9 July 1921 [Wrexham 1921, 3rd qt]. As a child he led the local Boys Brigade band, with a silver baton he would toss in the air. He married Sylvia Peers [Wrexham 1949, 3rd qt] and I believe they had three sons and a daughter. Bob worked for Liptons for many years and then the Post Office and in typical Welsh fashion was called 'Bob Lipton' and then 'Bob Post'! Bob died on 24 March 1996, aged 74 [Wrexham Maelor, March 1996]. >