James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

After William's death

A little over two months later the Agricultural Bank advertised the sale of the Owen property:

1217/31: 163 acres freehold land situate 9 miles north of Kent River Siding, being Bay Location 1495: registered io the name o£ WILLIAM PARRY OWEN. The land is described as 63 acres 1st class and balance 2nd class. 69 acres are part cleared and 32 acres ringbarked. Water, permanent creek. Fencing, 303 chains, of which 83 chains are netted. Buildings, 4-roomed J.W.B. house, cowshed, dalry and hayshed.
(The original ad appears here, above and to the right of the T. NEWBY box advert. Other articles about William's death can be found on that website.)

The last settlement had been created in 1928 and government subsidy had ceased two years later; administration of the existing settlements had been taken over by the Agricultural Bank.

It would appear that May returned to life in the city; in 1940 she was in service in Perth. Clearly she had been severely traumatised by events and in January that year she was found guilty of shop-lifting - she had apparently taken a frock from a store, Aherns Ltd. - and was fined £5. Her defence counsel said "that since she had seen her husband gored to death by a bull she had not been normal. There was not need for her to steal. She had £196 with her when arrested.” (The West Australian, 17 January 1940). I know not what became of her.

She and William played their part in trying to develop that south west corner of Western Australia. People are still drawn there today but mainly as tourists to enjoy its vast expanses of wilderness and forest and the beauty of its coastline. Those early settlers are not forgotten; a crowd of people attended the opening of the memorial park, '114 Devon and Cornwall Park' - so called because many of the original members of Group 114 settlement came from those counties - where William and May's surname is commemorated on a plaque, alongside the names of the others in that settlement (click here to see pictures). Nowadays, a place called Tealdale is the nearest community to where Group 114 was situated.