James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

(Edward Denstone) Vaughan Owen

William and Ethel’s youngest child, (Edward Denstone) Vaughan Owen was born on 22 November 1911 [Aberystwith]. He enjoyed life and was a keen sportsman with a fine collection of shotguns and fishing rods – he was in the Welsh fly-fishing team. He was a professional tennis coach and in Aberystwyth during the war was a Reserve Constable. It is interesting that his name appears above that of his mother at "sea View" in the 1939 Register and above his name are two "officially closed" records.

He met his wife, Sheila (Sheila M.), while coaching in Scotland. After their marriage they lived in a flat in the family home at Sea View. Sheila was a very pleasant, likeable lady but tragically died of cancer aged 34 [Cardigan N. 1961, 3rd qt]. They had no children.

In later life Vaughan himself suffered from poor health; he had a series of strokes and heart surgery. He died in 1981 [Cardigan 1981, 3rd qt]. (The General Register entry for his death wrongly states that he was born in 1912.)

Sheila Joyce Owen

William and Ethel’s fifth child, Sheila Joyce Owen, was born in 1908 [Aberystwyth 1908, 2nd qt]. Tragically she died at the age of four on 10 March, 1913 [Aberystwyth 1913, 1st qt]. Together with her brother William she is commemorated on a plaque in the Church of St. Padarn at Llanbadarn Fawr.