James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Hugh Wynn Owen

Hugh Owen Hugh Wynn Owen, the sixth child of William and Ethel, was born on Saturday, 27 November 1909 at Sea View Llanbadarn. He studied Law at Aberystwyth University and practised as a solicitor in Aberystwyth before moving to Maidenhead. In 1939 he was living at Sea View in Aberystwyth with his mother and others of the family. He was a solicitor and "Registration Officer for Aliens"; he was in the police reserve and an ARP warden in the war.

He joined the firm of T.W. Stuchberry & Son in Windsor as a Partner. It must have been quite a wrench for him as he loved his family home of Sea View. He retired from that firm in about March 1967 when he set up on his own at 16 Park Street, Windsor. His last address was 86 Osborne Road, Windsor, an old Victorian house of which he was very fond. In 1957 he became Clerk to the Windsor Justices, in 1960 a Public Notary (E Berks) and subsequently a Clerk to the Tax Commissioners (E. Berks). He was also Clerk to the Justices in Maidenhead for about 3 years from 1967. He was for over 30 years, Honorary Solicitor to the Friends of St George's Chapel, Windsor.

Hugh was passionate about Italy and all things Italian. He worked there towards the end of World War II and it was then that he met Emilia Biassuti who had been born in Florence on 5 March 1916 and obtained a doctorate from Florence University. She was secretary to his department. They married in Florence and returned to England where she worked as an abstractor involving some translation work. Hugh was a lovely man and an excellent tennis player like his brother, Edward.

Hugh died on 8 January 1994. He never retired and, some weeks after his death, his practice was absorbed into a partnership, ‘Clifton Owen Solicitors Incorporating Hugh W. Owen’ in Maidenhead. Emilia, a fiercely independent and determined character, continued to live in their home, even when illness and advancing years caused her mobility problems. However, in 2000 she went to live in a nursing home where she died on Sunday 16 January 2005.

There are living descendants.