James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Beatrice Nesta Owen

William and Ethel's third daughter Beatrice Nesta Owen was born on 4 December 1904, at Fronheulog, St. Davids Road, Aberystwyth. She married George Gosling on 7 July 1921 and they had three children, two sons and a daughter. Beatrice, George and the three children lived in Rhayader until the couple divorced. On 29 October 1932 Beatrice married, secondly, Robert Lewis Jones (b. Rhayader, 3 September 1902) and they had a son. In 1939 the family, including all four children, were living at the "Wagon and Horses Inn", Canal Road, just outside Newtown, Montgomeryshire, and it was Beatrice who was the "Licensed Victualler", not Robert; he was a motor mechanic.

I was told that Beatrice was a strong and determined character and a beautiful pianist but she died tragically young on 8 February 1944 aged 39. The two younger children from her first marriage went to live with their elderly widowed Owen grandmother and a maiden aunt in Aberystwyth where I understand they were not very happy; their grandmother was a strict disciplinarian. The son from Beatrice's second marriage fared better and enjoyed a happy childhood with his paternal grandmother.

(George) Patrick Gosling was born on 26 January 1922 [Aberystwith]. In 1939 he was an ironmonger's assistant. He married three times. He met and married his first wife while he was serving in the Far East with the RAF in World War II. After the war they were divorced and Pat worked as a motor mechanic. His second wife Kathleen Frances Gosling (née Spanner) died of cancer in 1988 [Surrey NW 12/1988]. She had been born on 6 November 1914 and they were married in 1972 [Surrey NW 1972, 3rd qt]. He married his third wife, Pamela C. Buckingham in 1991 [Surrey NW, 1/91] not long before he himself died of cancer [Surrey N 11/91] for which he received treatment at Chertsey hospital. She was probably the Pamela Constance Gosling who had been born on 30 July 1934 and died in 1997 [Truro 1/97]. Pat had no children. Beatrice and George's younger son, Robert James Gosling, known as Robin, was born in 1926 [Aberystwyth 1926, 2nd qt]. In 1982 he married Mary Josephine Tomin [Luton, 1982, 2nd qt]. They lived in Luton which is where they both died in 2007, Robin on 21 July and Mary on 14 September. George and Beatrice's daughter married and lives in Birmingham; she has several children.

Robert and Beatrice's only child married and had two daughters but his marriage ended in divorce; he has lived for many years with a partner.

There are living descendants.