James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Olwen Ethel Owen

The second child of William and Ethel Owen was Olwen Ethel Owen. She was was born on 14 September 1897 [Aberystwith 1897, 4th qt] and may well have been named after her second cousin, Olwen, who had died in 1897, aged less than a year. On 15 October 1921 at the Parish Chapel, St Pancras, Olwen married, by Licence, (Robert) Emrys Thomas, the son of a pharmaceutical chemist, John Page Thomas; in 1911 Emrys was a chemist's apprentice. At the time of their marriage Emrys, who was born on 5 July 1892 [Aberystwyth ] was a 'motor mechanic', living at Hendre Villa, Aberystwyth, and Olwen gave her address as 'Gwalia Hotel'. Her mother was one of the witnesses. In his will of 1925, William Pierce Owen bequeathed Lindfield now occupied by my daughter Olwen Thomas to her for her lifetime after which it should pass to Violet, Hugh and Edward. In 1939 they were living at "Midfield", southgate, on the southern outskirts of Aberystwyth and Emrys was a self-employed mechanical engineer. They began farming at "Midfirld" and kept a dairy herd. They later farmed slightly further from the centre of Aberystwyth at "Pencwarel", Southgate, just west of Penparcau. A nephew recalled spending many happy school holidays with them. Olwen loved all animals and was very happy farming. She hardly ever left Pencwarel. Emrys died on 18 December 1965 at the Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth, leaving £523 to Olwen who died in the winter of 1977/8 [Cardigan N 1978, 1st qt]. They had no children and both are buried at Aberystwyth.

Violet Mary Penrhos Owen

A second daughter Violet Mary Penrhos Owen (yet another use of the name ‘Penrhos’ in the family) was born on 13 February 1900, at Brynteg, Aberystwyth. I believe she had a Canadian boyfriend during the war whom all thought she would marry (I am told her mother may have intervened) but she never did marry. Her father’s property was shared between her and her two surviving brothers. She lived quietly with her widowed mother until her mother died. In 1939 she was a nurse; she was a Red Cross nurse during WWII. She was the last family resident at Sea View and died on 11 November 1988 aged 88 [Cardiganshire North, Nov 1988].