James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Ivy May Owen ... 5

In 1911, Launcelot, Ivy and Marjorie were living on the north side of Blyth Road, Hayes, Middlesex, at 18 South View. Launcelot was an engineer's fitter and turner, working for a gramophone company. Their home was one of many built in that road occupied by employees of the Gramophone Company Ltd. which had begun construction of its huge factory in Blyth Road in 1907. Here it built gramophones, with all the essential components being made on site, it recorded and produced records and it conducted research into related areas, later including TV and radar. One of its companies called "His Master's Voice" (HMV) took its name from the famous trademark of a dog listening to an early gramophone. For many years the Gramophone Company Ltd. claimed that its vast factory site at Hayes was one of "the largest talking-machine factories in Europe". (Click here for a brief history of the Gramophone Company Ltd. (HMV & EMI), an insight into Launcelot's work and an outline of what life in Hayes would have been like for the Fowlers.)

Fowler family By the mid 1920s the Fowlers had moved to 13 Blyth Road and by the early 1930s they had moved to 94, Pole Hill Road, Hillingdon, a bungalow they named ‘Brythdir’ (Ivy’s biological father was vicar of Brithdir, near Dolgelly, Merionethshire, from 1900 until 1926), which is where they lived out their years together. In 1939 Walter was a "tool miller"; he was a voluntary ARP Warden in WWII. Their daughter, Marjorie Constance Fowler, born on 5 December 1909, continued to live with them. In 1939 she was a clerk. She never married and she died in 2004 [Chichester, Oct 2004].

Their daughter Victoria Grace (aka Gracie) Fowler (b 14 January 1913) married Walter Henry Parrott [Uxbridge 1938, 4th qt]. He was born on 22 March 1910 and I believe raised in Henley-on-Thames. He was named after his father who owned and hired out boats on the River Thames. In 1939 Walter was a telephonist with the GPO. Evidence from 1939 and from 1946-7 shows that in the early years of their marriage Gracie and Walter lived with her parents in Pole Hill Road but by 1950 they had moved to nearby 2 Lawrence Road. By 1964, they were still living in that part of Hillingdon, at 10 Romney Parade. They had two sons. Sadly Gracie predeceased her mother, dying at the age of fifty-one [Uxbridge 1964, 3rd qt]. I believe Walter Parrott lived to be seventy-two [d Chichester, Sept 1882].