James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Ivy May Owen ... 3

The 1891 census shows Ivy living with Charles Syrett Syrett and his wife, Millicent.

Millicent's background was complex. She was registered at birth as Emily Millicent Munday Warren [Islington 1857, 2nd qt] and she had a sister, Henrietta Warren [b Edmonton 1863, 3rd qt]. Their mother was a native of New South Wales, Australia, but their father never appeared on the censuses. By 1871 the girls bore the surname Strickland and were living in Marylebone with their 'parents', Edwin and Millicent Strickland; by 1891 they had a half-brother, Edwin Strickland. In the 1881 census, Ivy's adoptive mother is listed as ‘Millicent Syrett’, a married woman living in Marylebone, London, being visited by her sister, Henrietta; Charles was away from home (in fact, Charles and Millicent did not marry until 1884 [Islington 1884, 2nd qt]).

In 1891 the Syretts were living at 1 Oxford Road, Ealing, together with Millicent’s half-brother, Edwin (17), and her Australian mother (58). The Syrett children were Ivy May (3) and Montague (5) who, like Ivy, may have been adopted (no birth record found). In 1901 Ivy was with the Syretts at 2 Oxford Road, Ealing. Millicent's mother and half-brother had gone but Charles Syrett's mother was with them. Montague was now entered in the census as 'Charles M Syrett'. In 1911 he was serving with the infantry in India. He was almost certainly the Charles Syrett, born in Islington but living in Holloway, who won a Military Medal and was a corporal in the 2nd Btn. Manchester Regiment, when he was killed on 4 November 1918.

Ivy had already lost her 'adoptive' mother (she died at the age of 43 [Brentford 1903, 3rd qt]) and her maternal grandfather (he died on 25 March 1903). The Great War then took her real brother (Herbert Ernest) Malcolm Owen (killed on 18 July 1917 - one of Ivy’s grandsons was named after him) and Charles Syrett, the 'brother' with whom she grew up.

Ivy's 'adoptive' father married Sarah Harriett Stronell (née Kirby) [Brentford 1907, 4th qt], a marriage that produced a daughter, Sarah Frances Syrett [b Brentford 1907, 4th qt].