James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Ivy May Owen (1887-1972) ... 1

Ivy May Owen was born on 1 May 1887 at 79 West Clyde Street, Helensburgh, Dumbarton, less than two months after her parents, Edwin and Beatrice, had married "by Declaration” on 10 March. Ivy's maternal grandfather, Augustus Paterson, was the informant on her birth certificate. Edwin and Beatrice married by Licence in London the following year, by which time Edwin was a curate in Maker, Cornwall. Meanwhile, Ivy was being cared for in Scotland and, less than a year later, Augustus was arranging her 'adoption' by a couple living in London. He exchanged letters about it with Mrs. Millicent Emily Syrett, the wife of a veterinary surgeon, Charles Syrett Syrett and two of these letters survive. The first letter was written on 10 October 1889:

To Mrs. Syrett, Grove Cottage, St. Marys Road, Ealing, London W.
From Rosehill, Horrabridge, Devon:

Dear Madam,
In reply to your letter of yesterday’s date, I beg to say the child I wrote about, is to be adopted altogether, & it is wished she should be quite sure of a comfortable home, & be well cared for in every particular.
The premium however you ask is quite beyond what will be given; £100 might be, but certainly not more. If this would suit you, I must ask you to let me hear immediately as we are in communication with another lady, & are leaving this neighbourhood very shortly.
I should of course like to assure myself of the likelihood of the child being well cared for & brought up before finally committing her to your care, should you think of accepting my terms.
faithfully yours,
Augustus Paterson