James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants


Elias discussed funerals in his Old Stone Crosses; as with many of his works, fascinating extraneous subjects were touched upon. In the section on his former parish of Efenechtyd, he described how, in many parts of Wales there were ‘offerings’ from the congregation instead of burial fees:

The writer has heard that upon the occasion of a well-known and highly-connected gentleman’s funeral, the offering came to upwards of twenty pounds. Usually it amounts to a few shillings, but of course it fluctuates considerably. In this parish it varies from three or four shillings to over a pound.

One can assume that the collection at Elias’s funeral would have been quite considerable, so much was he loved and respected.

The principal mourners included his daughters: Mrs J. J. Jones (Margaret), Miss Owen (almost certainly Susan Ellen who would marry later that year) and the Misses Lily (Gwen Lily), Sally (Sarah Louisa), Myfanwy, and Enid Owen. Lizzie had recently married and would have been giving birth to her first child at about that time, probably in Carnarvonshire; his birth was registered in Bangor.