James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

A family recollection

A family recollection sent to me by Timothy Morgan-Owen, the grandson of Elias’s brother Timothy Morgan Owen, reads:

It was said of Timothy Morgan Owen and his brother, the Rev. Elias Owen, that "one was a devil, the other an angel".

The Rev. Elias Owen had sixteen children. I once told someone, in my mother's hearing, that he had eighteen, whereupon she chipped in, most indignantly, "No, sixteen" - as if two made much difference! They were a jolly family and enjoyed a happy medieval kind of Sunday (the best there is!) - church in the morning and in the afternoon, after Sunday school, such enjoyment as they chose. The girls used to ride donkeys round the Vicarage lawns in their Sunday dresses.

It conjures up a lovely picture. Only twelve children are referred to in Elias’s obituary but there were at least thirteen and it is possible that others died in infancy.