James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Elijah's daughter Elizabeth (aka Lizzy) Roberts was born on 13 February 1903. She married Ernest Hillhouse, in 1930 [Birkenhead 1930, 2nd qt]; he too had been born on 27 November 1903. I am told that because he was Catholic Lizzy was disowned by Elijah and by most of her family (such religious intolerance was quite common then). Only her sisters, Susannah and Isabel Ellen ('Aunty Nell'), maintained contact with her. In 1939 the family was living at 3 Laurel Road, Birkenhead, and Ernest was already in the army. At the same address lived his widowed mother Alice (b 7 August 1862). Ernest died on 2 February 1962, aged 59, and Lizzie, aged 74 [Birkenhead 1977, 3rd qt]. They had two daughters.

Maureen Hillhouse was born in Birkenhead on 24 August 1932. She married [Birkenhead 1955, 2nd qt] Anthony (Tony) Joseph Burgin (born on 17 November 1930) and they had three daughters and two sons. Anthony died on 11 November 1991 [Birkenhead Nov 1991] and Maureen died in 1997 [Warrington Dec 1997]. Barbara Hillhouse was born in Birkenhead on 5 March 1938. She did not marry and she died on 15 April 2014.

John Roberts who was born on 23 May 1905 married Florence Amelia Rogers [Birkenhead 1930, 1st qt]; she was born in Birkenhead on 14 August 1907 and in 1939 she was living at 60 Egerton Street with her widowed mother and with her son John Trevallon Roberts, who had been born on 31 July 1931. He died, aged 73 [Chester & Ellesmere Port, Nov 2004] and was survived by his wife, their son and daughter and by their granchildren. John and Florence also had a daughter, who was born in 1943. There are living descendants. John Roberts himself died when he was 64 [West Cheshire 1969, 2nd qt].

Elijah's youngest child to survive infancy was Isobel Ellen Roberts. She was born on 31 January 1910 and in 1937 [Birkenhead 1937, 2nd qt] she married George Fox. He had been born on 4 June 1910 in Lewisham, London. They had four sons and a daughter. In 1939 Isobel was living at 104 Oliver Street with their eldest son, George Ralph Fox who tragically died when only four [Birkenhead 1943, 1st qt]. Next door, at number 106, were living her mother Mary Roberts with two of Isobel's siblings, Thomas and Susannah.

George (sen) died at Clatterbridge, Cheshire, aged sixty-nine [Birkenhead 1979, 4th qt] but Isobel lived to be ninety-eight [d Birkenhead, Oct 2008].