James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Elijah's descendants

Elijah's son, Thomas Edward Roberts, was born in Birkenhead on 25 March 1894; he was 7 in the 1901 census. He was a steam hammer driver in the shipyards, living with his parents and siblings in 1911. Soon after that, on 5 October 1911, Thomas began working as a cleaner at Birkenhead Station, earning 2/- (20p in modern money) a week. In 1939, Thomas was back working as a labourer in the shipyards and living with his widowed mother and his sister Susannah, at 106 Oliver Street, Birkenhead. There is no evidence that he married - he was still single in 1939 - and he died, aged 79 [Birkenhead 1973, 4th qt].

Elijah's daughter, Mary Emma Roberts, was born on 15 February 1896 [Birkenhead 1896, 1st qt]; she was 5 in the 1901 census. She married [Birkenhead 1916, 2nd qt] Albert E Evans, who had been born on 23 july 1894. In 1939 they were living at 32 Proctor Road, Land, Birkenhead, with one of their four children and Albert was doing heavy work as a labourer in a shipyard. They had a son (Frances) Robert Evans [b Birkenhead 1917, 2nd qt], and three daughters. The first of these was Ivy [b Birkenhead 1920, 4th qt]. Sadly the birth and death of their second daughter, Violet, were registered in Birkenhead in 1922 [4th qt].

Elijah's daughter, Susannah Roberts, was born on 5 January 1898 [Birkenhead 1898, 1st qt]. She does not appear to have been with the family in 1911 when she was thirteen but a Susan Roberts (13), born in Birkenhead appears in the census, visiting a 58 year old widow, Katherine Bellis, at 10 Millar's Place (her family were living at number 12 at that time). In 1939 she was a 'house maid' living with her widowed mother and brother Thomas in Birkenhead. 'Aunty Jin', as she was known within the family, never married (I understand that her fiancé was killed during the First World War, on or around Armistice Day); she 'kept house' for her eldest brother, Thomas, and she died in 1981 [Birkenhead 1981, 2nd qt].    >>