James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Cicely Starkey was born either in Salford or Manchester [Salford 1890, 3rd qt] and was 10 months old in the 1891 census. In 1911 she was a kitchen maid, one of a resident staff of six, for Arthur Herbert Crow, a 'steam ship owner', and his family at 'Windy Knowe', Waterford Road, Oxton. Arthur's Canadian father, George Busk Crow, had established Crow, Wylie & Co.(Timber Merchants & Ship Owners) in Liverpool and his family subsequently lived in a mansion called 'Stoneleigh' in Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, so they would have known the Tyson family and their marine insurance broking company of John D. Tyson & Co. Arthur was involved in the setting up and voluntary liquidation of several companies but the company of Crow, Rudolph & Co. was forced into bankruptcy in 1916, the receiver critising Arthur for not pursuing a guarantee that might have saved it. Be all that as it may, one wonders if her job took her to India or its association with distant travel promted Cicely to go to India.

It would appear that she must have been the Cicely Starkey (Age: 26 - Father: Henry Starkey) who married Lt. Thomas Murray Christie on 4 April 1918 in Bombay. (Victoria and Harry's daughter would have been 27 then but the record of Cicely Murray Christie's death gives her date of birth as 15 July 1890, consistent with her being Victoria's daughter.) The English and Welsh General Register of births shows no other possible candidates. Further supportive evidence is that, when Thomas Murray Christie died, in 1954, he and Cicely were living at 'Khublee', Kinmel Avenue, Abergele, Denbighshire, just around the corner from her brother William.

Thomas came from a professonal family; his father, Thomas Delamore Christie was a solicitor and his grandfather was a physician. This website shows Thomas Murray Christie's career. He rose to be a major in the Indian Army Reserve before retiring in 1945 with the the honorary rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He became a tea planter; in ships' passenger lists as early as 1932 he was a "tea estate manager", though, at other times he was a "visiting agent", a "tea planter" or a "merchant". Addresses in England also varied. For example, when he, Cecily and a daughter, J.M.K.Christie, aged 17, sailed from Liverpool to India on 24 October 1936, aboard the recently launched "City of Banares", their last address in UK was "Cheltenham", Coombelands, Addlestone, Surrey: When Thomas was due to sail to India on the “Rawalpindi” on 16 July 1937, his address was c/o Begg, Roberts & Co, 138 Leadenhall St, EC (Begg, Roberts & Co traded in tea & jute); he actually sailed a week later on the “Mooltan”.

Cicely was older than Thomas by about 6 years but outlived him by almost 30 years; he died on 25 May 1954 [Aled] and she died, aged 92, at St George's Nursing Home, Ringwood Road, Farndon, Wimborne, Dorset, on 13 July 1982, [Poole, Sep 1982].