James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Gwladys Mary Jones Gwladys Mary Jones was born on 3 June 1921 [Wirral]. Perhaps she was rejected by her father because he associated her with the loss of his wife less than three weeks after her birth. I was told that she went with her brother to live with their father’s sisters at Llanfair Caereinion, but although her brother returned to live with their father, Gwladys (pictured with her "Aunt Jinny") remained with an aunt and uncle who became her legal guardians. They appear to have been John and Mary Ann Jones, who ran a dairy farm in Llanfyllin, Montgomeryshire. I believe Mary was the daughter of Thomas Jones who was farming Blaeny Cwm, Llanfyllin, in 1911, and that she and John married in 1919. I have yet to establish a connection between her and Gwladys's biological father. Gwladys was with John and Mary in 1939 and the 1939 Register indicates that by then she was officially their daughter. At that time she was a children's nurse. She subsequently married Robert B Owen [Llanfyllin 1945, 1st qt].

Gwladys died aged eighty-three [Welshpool and Llanfylin, Sep 2004]. I have yet to discover if there were children from this marriage or to learn anything about her husband; there are few relevant records for a "Robert B Owen" so he may have been the Robert Benjamin Owen, born on 25 November 1920, whose death was registered in Liverpool [1975, 2nd qt]. Any information about this couple's lives would be most welcome.