James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

John and Isabel's eldest daughter, (Elizabeth ) Victoria Minshall, was born on 28 September 1905. In 1939 she was living with her parents and some of her siblings at 186 Bebington Road, Birkenhead. She and her sister Isabel were both working as 'Sales Ladies to Shop Assistants, Mantles'. It may be that they were selling the outer garments called mantles but I presume there was a shop locally of that name. She married Joseph H Gillespie [Birkenhead 1944, 3rd qt] and the couple had two sons.

Victoria died in 1980 [Rugby 1980, 2nd qt] and I believe her husband was the Joseph Henry Gillespie who had been born on 8 December 1914 [Barrow F 1914, 4th qt] and died on 14 February 1993 [Rugby]. That Joseph had been listed in the 1939 Register as living in Sheffield and working as a 'boiler-maker' with what appears to be 'tank armour' added, suggesting his skills at that time were transforming Sheffield steel into army tank casing.

Victoria and Joseph's eldest son, William Philip Gillespie, was born on 30 March 1945 [Birkenhead]. He married and had a daughter, Elizabeth S Gillespie [b Rugby 1965, 3rd qt - d Birmingham, Sep. 1965] and three sons. William died on 17 November 2015.   >>>>>>