James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
Some of this page is speculative at the moment

The daughters of Isabel and John Minshall

(Elizabeth ) Victoria Minshall (b 28 September 1905) married Joseph H Gillespie [Birkenhead 1944, 3rd qt]; I believe this was Joseph Henry Gillespie who had been born on 8 December 1914 [Barrow F 1914, 4th qt] and who died in on 14 February 1993 [Rugby, Feb 1993]. Victoria and Joseph had two sons, one of whom, William Philip Gillespie, was born on 30 March 1945 [Birkenhead 1945, 1st qt]. He married and had a daughter, Elizabeth S Gillespie [b Rugby 1965, 3rd qt - d Birmingham, Sep. 1965] and three sons. William died on 17 November 2015. Victoria died in 1980 [Rugby 1980, 2nd qt].

Ruth Minshall who was born on 8 February 1909, married Thomas Joseph Davenport [Birkenhead 1927, 4th qt], who had been born on 26 June 1904 [W Derby 1904, 3rd qt]. Ruth and Thomas had a son Thomas W S Davenport [Birkenhead 1928, 4th qt]; he would marry Rita D Owens [Birkenhead 1951, 1st qt] but he would be killed in a car crash ten years later, aged thirty-two [Carnarvon 1961, 2nd qt]).

On 16 August 1930, when Ruth was twenty-one, the family sailed from Liverpool to Buenos Aires aboard the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's Demerara. When they returned, leaving La Plata in Argentina aboard the Desna of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company line and arriving at Liverpool on 15 July 1932, their last permanent residence was stated to be Argentina and their proposed address in UK was 186 Bebington Road, Birkenhead; Thomas was a miller. Once back in England, Ruth and Thomas had two daughters, believed to be living, one of whom married and had two sons. There are living descendants.

Ruth Davenport (senior) died in 1988, aged 79 [Birkenhead, Mar 1988]. Thomas lived to be 93 [d Birkenhead, Sept 1997].

Isabel Minshall who was born in Birkenhead on 28 January 1921, married [Crewe 1943, 1st qt] John Lucas (b 27 March 1920, Congleton, Cheshire), the son of Peter and Lily (née Kennerley). I believe Isabel and John had two sons, the first, born in 1944 [Crewe 1944, 3rd qt] who married and tragically his son survived only a short while, and the second, Geoffrey David Lucas, born in Congleton, Cheshire, on 23 May 1948, who died on 13 June 2006, in Nantwich, Cheshire. Geoffrey is survived by his widow, two sons, a daughter and grandchildren. Isabel Lucas died on 3 March 1986, aged 65, at Nantwich, Cheshire [Congleton & Crewe, Mar 1986] and John died on 15 July 1995, aged 75, at Nantwich [S Cheshire, July 1995].

John Wilfred Minshall (senior) died, aged 67, [Birkenhead 1952, 2nd qt] and Isabel Minshall died, aged 84, on 3 March 1986 [Rugby 1968, 1st qt].