James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Harry Starkey (b 1881) & the 2 youngest Starkey girls

It seems unlikely that Victoria was the biological mother of Harry (aka Henry) Starkey [b Atrincham 1881, 3rd qt (?)]. He was with the family in 1891 when he was ten years old and the census states he was born in Salford. He does not appear in the 1901 census but the 1911 census stated that Henry, aged thirty and born in Manchester, was living with his wife of 8 months, Lillie Annie Starkey, also thirty, in two rooms at 276 Conway Street, Birkenhead; Henry was a labourer on a farm. He had married Lily (aka 'Lillie', aka 'Lettie') Annie Prestwich [Birkenhead 1910, 3rd qt]. Lily, the daughter of John, a general labourer, and Mary A Prestwich, was born in Liverpool in 1880 [W Derby 1880, 3rd qt]. It is likely they had children, Annie (1911-1940) who married Albert Gilfoyle in 1932, Harry (1913-1936), Hughie (4 July 1915-1977) who married Dorothy Williams in 1937, Ellen M (18 May 1920-1999) who married Charles Frederick White in 1945, Richard Ernest (4 Sept 1921-1997) who married Gladys M Deakin in about 1944, and Ethel M (b 1923) who married Walter A Dean in 1943. Harry (aka Henry) died in 1931 [Birkenhead 1931, 2nd qt] and Lily in 1955 [Birkenhead 1955, 1st qt].

In 1911, Edith Starkey [b Birkenhead 1904, 4th qt] was 7 and Elsie Starkey, born on 1 August 1906 [Birkenhead 1906, 3rd qt] was 5. In 1938, they were still unmarried and living in Birkenhead with their eldest brother, Elijah, and his wife, Lizzie, but a few years later Edith married Peter O'Hare [Birkenhead 1944, 3rd qt]. Sadly, she died less than ten years later, aged 48 [Birkenhead 1953, 1st qt]. Her sister, Elsie, by contrast, lived to be 98 [d Hendon, July 2005]. She was married, late in life, to Alfred Charles Norgate [Harrow 1968, 4th qt], a man ten years her senior [b 1 June 1896], but lived the last thirty years of her life as a widow, Alfred having died when he was 79 [Hendon, Sep. 1975].