James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The children of Harry and Victoria STARKEY

Victoria and Harry's eldest son was Elijah Starkey. He was born in Broughton, which is part of Salford, on 1 June 1888 [Salford 1888, 2nd qt]. In 1911 he was a "baker (2nd hand)" and was living with his siblings, his mother and his father, Harry. In 1916 he married Lizzie Dilnot Smith [Birkenhead 1916, 4th qt], who was from a Kent family, the daughter of Henry Dilnot and Annie Ada (née Jordan); Lizzie was born on 11 July 1890 [Thanet (Kent) 1891, 1st qt] and Henry was a Royal Navy seaman in 1901. Elijah and Lizzie appear to have had a son Frederick W.C. Starkey who was born in 1919 [Birkenhead 1919, 2nd qt], probably named after Elijah's brother, Frederick, who had been killed in France the previous year. Tragically, young Frederick died in infancy [Birkenhead 1921, 1st qt]. I believe they had no other children

In 1939, Elijah's then unmarried younger sisters, Edith and Elsie, were living with him and Lizzie at 5 Craven Street (their house has now been demolished but it would have been like the other terraced houses still standing just along the road). Elijah was then an "Iron Erector, Corporation" (i.e. working for the local corporation & alongside his occupation appears to be written "Gas"). Elijah, known to his nephews and nieces as ‘uncle Lij’, was sixty-seven when he died in the winter of 1955/6 [Birkenhead 1856, 1st qt] and I believe Lizzie died in Denbighshire in the winter of 1949/50 [Aled 1950, 1st qt], aged 59. This suggests she may have been living with or near her brother William (see below) towards the end of her life.

Victoria and Harry's second child was Cicely Starkey (see next page).

Victoria and Harry's third child, William Starkey, was born on 23 September 1894. In 1911 he was still living with his siblings, mother and father at 75 Briardale Road. According to the census he was then a garden boy and had been born at "St Johns, Birkenhead". He married Ellen Fairs [Birkenhead 1919, 4th qt]. Ellen was born on 22 September 1895 in Burgh, Suffolk [Woodbridge], the youngest of the five children of Harry and Rebecca Fairs. In 1939 William was a self-employed market gardener, aided by Ellen, and they lived at Oxton House, Dundonald Ave, Abergele, by the coast in Denbighshire. They were still living there when Ellen died, aged 49, on 26 October 1944 [Aled] (The deaths of at least two of William's in-laws, Lizzie D Starkey (above) and Thomas Murray Christie were also registered at Aled.) William died, aged 94 [Rhuddlan Nov 1988] (Rhuddlan in Clwyd, is near Aled and formerly in Denbighshire). I have found no evidence thay they had any children.