James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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(Anthony) Norman Roberts (1909-1979?)

The son of Timothy and Margaret Roberts, Anthony, who was aged one in the 1911 census, was registered as Anthony Norman Roberts [Birkenhead 1909, 2nd qt] but he became known as Norman (Anthony) Roberts. The General Register shows the death of an Anthony Norman Roberts [Birkenhed 1979, 2nd qt] who had been born on 5 May 1903, not 1909, possibly the result of a transcription error (I have found no record of a 1903 birth).

(Hazel) Doreen Baker, who ended up marrying Norman’s brother Vincent, had been previously Norman’s girlfriend. I was told that Norman and his wife had children Kenneth and Margaret. As 'Norman A Roberts' (General Register) he married Winifred Rowlands in 1935 [Birkenhead 1935, 3rd qt] and their son, Kenneth A Roberts was born the following year [Birkenhead 1936, 3rd qt]. Kenneth and his cousin, the son of Norman's brother Vincent, were best friends for a while as children.

Winifred was the daughter of William (H) Rowlands (b 4 June 1872), a dock/shipyard labourer, and Mary Jane (nee O'Neil, b 20 Nov 1876). By the time Winifred was born on 16 February 1912 her parents [m Birkenhead 1895, 4th qt] already had eight children and they appear to have lived all their married life with Mary's parents or widowed mother. In the 1939 Register Winifred and her son were living with her parents at 95 Park Road East, Birkenhead. She and Norman would have a daughter and two more sons. The death of a Winifred Roberts, aged 36, was registered in 1949 [Birkenhead 1949, 1st qt].

I was also told that Norman's wife was called Bridie and it would appear that in 1950 Norman (as 'Norman A Roberts') married secondly Bridie May Whitby [Birkenhead 1950, 2nd qt]. She had been born, the youngest of three children, in Birkenhead on 23 February 1918 to Harold Whitby and Bridget (née Cully) [m Birkenhead 1913, 2nd qt]. She had a son from her previous marriage to Alfred Hanwell [m Birkenhead 1942, 3rd qt]. Her second marriage produced a son in 1950 and a daughter who may have been still-born or died soon after birth as she is unnamed in the General Register [Birkenhead 1953, 2nd qt].

Bridie outlived Norman by many years and I believe she died, aged 84, in 2002 but by then she was known as Bridie May Carter [d Birkenhead Jun 2002]. Lyn Andrews, wrote in her book From this day forth: Can true love hope to triumph? "For all the men and women who worked for Cammell Laird Shipbuilders, Birkenhead, Merseyside. Particularly Charlie Campbell, Norman Roberts, John Haggerty and Arnie Locker." Was this the same Norman Roberts? There are living descendants.