James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Ann Eveline Roberts (1904 - 1985)

Timothy and Margaret's daughter Ann Eveline Roberts was born in Birkenhead on 18 October 1904. She was called 'Annie Eveline' in the 1911 census but was subsequently known to her nephews and nieces as 'Aunty Eva' and she was registered as 'Anne Eveline Owen' on her death; she had married Henry Owen [Birkenhead 1927, 3rd qt].

'Owie' Owens Eva and Henry had two sons. I believe, there may have been a third son, Joseph Owen who lived only a very short time in 1935 and that there were also two daughters. The eldest son, (Anthony) Owen Owen (right), known as 'Owie', was born on 11 May 1929. Apart from when he and possibly two siblings were evacuated to Wales in WWII, I believe he lived all his life in Birkenhead. I had been told that Owen had a cycle shop, possibly called Owen Owen's Bike Shop and situated near the park on Conway Street (several people have mentioned such a cycle shop). I believe he had a beautiful singing voice.

In 1958 [Birkenhead 1958, 3rd qt] Owen married at Birkenhead Town Hall (Esther) Patricia Casey, known as Pat. She had been born in Liverpool on 28 August 1926 and had previously been married [Birkenhead 1947, 2nd qt] to Bernard Murphy. Owen and Pat's daughter, Vanessa Cecilia Owens, known as 'Ellee', was born at Birkenhead on 1 July 1961 and died tragically young, aged twenty-four, on 10 May 1986 [Birkenhead, 1986, 2nd qt]. Her sister Paula Owens was born on 25 July 1963 and also died young, aged forty-one, on 18 December 2004. (Note that the surname of the children had become 'Owens' with an 's'.) Both daughters were christened at St Laurence's church, Birkenhead. There was also another daughter and a son.

Pat died, aged eighty, in the summer of 2006 at Arrowe Park Hospital in the Wirral and Owen, after a long illness, on 1 February 2015, aged eighty-five.

Ann Eveline died, aged eighty-one [Birkenhead, Oct 1985].