James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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The children of Alexander and Christina Barnes (cntd.)

The only surviving child of Alex and Christina, a daughter, became a horticulturist and for many years, until she was quite elderly, was involved in the family gardening and landscaping business. The business was established just months after her marriage in 1949 and is now run by one of her two sons; for a while one of her three daughters was also involved.

Frederick (Fred) Vincent Barnes (b 2 Sept 1931) died, aged 74, [Birkenhead Oct 2005] two years before his sister Nellie. He was living in the old family home at 22 Olive Mount, Birkenhead (see here) in his final years so he had probably lived there ever since bomb damage forced the family to move from number 10 in 1942.

David D BARNES 1 David D Barnes 2 David Douglas Barnes (see photos), the youngest child of Alec and Christina, was born on 11 September 1937. He married on 6 December 1958. Under the "Assisted Passage Migration Scheme" he and his family left Heathrow on 26 December 1964 and flew via Bombay, India and Darwin to Adelaide. They lived for about ten years in Australia before returning to live in the south of England. David's life was cut tragically short; he died at the age of 35 [Surrey Northern 1973, 1st qt]. He is survived by his wife and their three sons.

There are living descendants of Alexander and Christina Barnes.