James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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The children of Alexander and Christina Barnes

Alex and Christina's eldest son, Alexander William Barnes, [b Birkenhead 1921, 1st qt] died when he was fifteen [Birkenhead 1936, 3rd qt]. I understand there was a tragic accident involving a spiked fence possibly at or near a shipyard. The grave (No: D/725(R)) in Bebington Cemetery in which he was buried on 26 August was later the burial place of his grandfather, Timothy Owen Roberts, and later still of his cousin, Agnes Anne Pilling (née Barnes), daughter of William and Louise.

Their second child, Edward (Ted) Timothy Barnes (b 23 April 1922), married Edna Mary Burkey [Wirrel 1948, 3rd qt] and I believe they had two daughters. Edward died aged 71 [Birkenhead, Mar 1994] and Edna, who had been born on 18 January 1925 lived to be 80 [d Birkenhead, July 2005].

I believe Nellie (Nell) Veronica Barnes (b 11 July 1924) began working as a telephonist in Liverpool with the British Postal Service in March 1942, that she married Albert Mccann [Birkenhead 1952, 1st qt] and had two daughters. An Albert Mccann (b 13 Nov 1922, Liverpool) - he came from a family of six boys - died in Birkenhead aged 52 in 1974 but Nellie lived to be 83 [d Birkenhead, Feb 2007]. Nellie's Barnes family appear to have supported the local St John's Hospice so she may well have been the Nellie McCann who, having bought its lottery tickets for many years, won the £2000 main prize in 1998. The Wirral Globe reported that the hospice had looked after a sister and also the best friend of the winning Nellie who planned to spend most of her winnings on her family but she added, "I might just get round to pay someone to tidy up my overgrown garden as I have arthritis".

Olive Mary Barnes was born on 18 June 1926 [Birkenhead 1926, 3rd qt]. Neither she nor her younger sister were listed with the family on the 1939 Register. Olive married in 1949 [Birkenhead 1949, 1st qt]. She died in 1985 [Birkenhead, Apr 1985] aged 58. She was survived by her husband, their daughter and their two sons.    >