James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Christina Roberts

Alex, Tina, David BARNES Margaret and Timothy Owen Roberts' second daughter, Christina Roberts, was born in Birkenhead on 3 January 1898. On 30 September 1920 at Birkenhead Register Office she married Alexander Barnes, a twenty-five year–old butcher's journeyman (born on 6 May 1895 and registered as 'Alexander Douglas Barnes'). Christina was twenty-two and living at 10 Olive Crescent, Tranmere (map); her father was then a marble mason (journeyman). Alexander ('Alick' in the 1901 census and 'Alex' in 1911) was the son of Annie and Charles Barnes. Alex's older brother William married Christina's sister, (Mary) Louise (see a little more about their parents here). They and Alex were still living at 8 Westbury Street, Birkenhead, in 1920.

Alex and Christina had seven children but tragically lost their eldest son in 1936, when he was a teenager.

Christina BARNES The 1939 Register shows Alex to be a general labourer in a shipyard; he and Christina were still living at 10 Olive Crescent, now with children Edward Timothy Barnes, a milk roundsman, Nellie Veronica Barnes, Frederick Vincent Barnes, David Douglas Barnes. Christina's father, Timothy Owen Roberts, a retired marble mason was also with them. I was told the family was bombed out in 1942 and moved along the road to number 22. This would have been at the very end of the so-called 'Liverpool Blitz' which had targeted the dock area, killing over 400 people in Birkenhead and almost 3000 in Liverpool.

A grandson described Alex as being always well turned out, usually wearing a suit and "lovely Nanna Barnes was known as Mim, Lill and Lillian,... and was very frail all her life"; huge amounts of money were found stashed about their house after Alex's death [Birkenhead Oct 1985] suggesting he did not trust banks. 1985 was a terrible year for the family, most of whom continued to live in the Wirral, with the loss of Alex, Christina (photo) [d Birkenhead Oct 1985] and their daughter Olive.    >>