James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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The family of Louise & William Henry Barnes (cntd.)

Agnes Barnes William and Louise's next child, Agnes Anne Barnes (left) (aka 'Nan') [b Birkenhead 1922, 4th qt], married Peter Pilling at St. Annes Roman Catholic Church in Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, on 6 October 1945; he had been been born on 10 April 1923 in Liverpool. Their only child, a daughter, was born in the winter of 1946-7. Tragically, Agnes died on 1 October 1947, aged 24, from tuberculosis. She was buried on 3 October in Bebington Cemetery, in a grave shared by her grandfather Timothy Owen Roberts (1862-1940) and by Alexander William Barnes (1921-1936), almost certainly her brother. Her daughter then lived for several years with Louise and William until her father remarried. Peter lived to be 73 [d Liverpool, Feb 1997].

William and Louise's son, William Frederick Barnes (aka Bill), was born on 15 August 1924. He was an Apprentice Boot Repairer in 1939. He married Jean Elizabeth Norman [Wirral 1950, 3rd qt]. I believe she was born in 1929 [Wirral 1929, 2nd qt] and had two sons and a daughter. Bill died aged 79 [Birkenhead Sep 2003] and Jean died peacefully at home on 11 July 2012. Several members of the Barnes family appear to support Wirral Hospice St John's and it was suggested that donations could be made to the hospice in Jean's memory.

William and Louise's son Frank, Francis Barnes, was born on 25 November 1926 and died aged 77 [Birkenhead, Feb 2004]. He was survived by his widow and their two sons who continued to live in the Wirral.

William and Louise's daughter, known as 'Dot', appears to have been registered at birth as Mary Dorothy Barnes [b 1928, 4th qt]. As Dorothy M Barnes, she married Kenneth A Lancaster [Birkenhead 1949, 2nd qt] but I am told that she too then died tragically young of tuberculosis in 1951 [Liverpool N 1951, 4th qt], aged 22. On 15 October 1957 Ken (b 13.5.1926), of 66 Forwood Road, Bromsborough, Cheshire, carpenter, left Glasgow as a 'TST' passenger, aboard TSS Captain Cook bound for Wellington, New Zealand, where he settled, remarried and has since died.

Doreen Winifred Barnes was born on 22 March 1936 [Birkenhead 1936, 2nd qt]. Her marriage [Birkenhead 1958, 1st qt] to George Westlake (b 1934) produced a son and two daughters. Doreen died, aged 65 [Birkenhead, May 2001].

There are living descendants of William and Louise.