James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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(Mary) Louise Roberts

Mary Louise Roberts Wm Henry Barnes The eldest daughter of Margaret and Timothy Owen Roberts, (Mary) Louise Roberts (left), known to her nieces as 'Aunty Lou', was born on 10 October 1895 [Birkenhead 1895, 4th qt]. She married William Henry Barnes [Birkenhead 1918, 4th qt]. For many years William (right), who had been born in 1888 [Birkenhead 1888, 4th qt] and his younger brother, Alexander, who married Louise's sister, Christina, lived with their parents, Annie and Charles Barnes, at 8 Westbury Street, Tranmere; Charles Barnes had been an able seaman in the merchant navy and then a gate keeper at a shipyard but was a 'patrolman' in 1920. William was a machinist in 1911. William died, aged 74, on 10 January 1963 [Wirral 1963, 1st qt]. Louise died in 1972 [Birkenhead 1972, 4th qt]. I am told that there were six children of the marriage.

The eldest child of William and Louise, Margaret Louise Barnes, was born on 17 September 1919 [Birkenhead 1919, 4th qt]. She became known in the family as 'Auntie Peg' and she married Arthur Worthington [Birkenhead 1941, 2nd qt]. They had a son and three daughters and lived for many years at 17 Shore Drive, New Ferry. Sadly their eldest daughter, Christine Worthington, who was born on 13 December 1945 [Wirral 1945, 4th qt], died, aged 46 [Birkenhead, May 1992]; I believe she is survived by her husband, a son and a daughter.

Alexander William Barnes [b: Birkenhead 1921, 1st qt] (mother's maiden name 'Roberts') could have been a son of Louise's sister, Christina, and Alexander Barnes but the grave (No: D/725(R)) in Bebington Cemetery in which he was buried on 26 August was later the burial place of William and Louise's daughter, Agnes Anne Pilling (née Barnes). His grandfather, Timothy Owen Roberts, shares this grave.

Louise and William lived in Deverell Road, Birkenhead, but, later, they moved in with their youngest daughter, Doreen, and her husband, George. After Louise was widowed, she lived with her daughter, Margaret (‘Auntie Peg’) at 17 Shore Drive. Peg was 85 when she died [Birkenhead Jan 2000]. I believe Arthur was born on 19 August 1914 and died, aged 68 [Birkenhead 1983, 2nd qt].