James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The following year Idris stood for election to the post : (Political Advertisement) "IDRIS R. JONES Overseas World War Veteran CANDIDATE FOR REGISTER OF WILLS. His experience as a Former Clerk in the Orphans Court Office, State Tax Clerk in the Register of Wills Office, and now Register of Wills by appointment eminently fits him for this office. Mr. Jones will devote his entire time to the duties of the office. Vote for IDRIS R. JONES" [The Evening Sun, 3 Nov. 1951, p12]. Idris’s campaign was successful. Thereafter for several years the local papers listed the wills and sometimes the more complex cases arising therefrom, that Idris's department had to deal with but it also performed other duties, such as collecting state transfer inheritance taxes in York.

Idris R Jones Idris's involvement in the local Republican administration was gathering momentum. "Republican committee people elected at the April 22 primary will gather in the court house at York at 8 p. m. Friday for the bi-annual convention of the Republican county committee. Idris R. Jones, present GOP county chairman and also register of wills for York county, said he will be a candidate for re-election as chairman. Jones was unanimously named chairman two years ago. It does not appear as if he will have any opposition this trip." [The Evening Sun, 4 June 1952 p1] The following political advertisement appeared in The Evening Sun, 3 November 1952 p5, accompanied by this picture (apologies for quality):

An Open Letter from IDRIS R. JONES Chairman Republican Committee of York County Voters: I am sick and tired of seeing the youths of our Country killed and wounded in Korea. I am in favor of a Korean peace and the speediest termination possible of the Korean War. - I fought in hand-to-hand battle as a combat infantryman in the Meuse-.Argonne drive in World War I. Our outfit entered this combat with 215 men and came out with 85. My comrades, those who died, those who survived and 1, fought not as Republicans and Democrats, but as AMERICANS. 1 received and am now carrying a disability from that battle. "I HATE WAR." I sincerely believe it is my duty from actual experience to bring the horrors of war to the attention of those who can stop it— who are the MOTHERS-FATHERS-WIVES-SISTERS AND SWEETHEARTS and prevent them from again being deceived. Sincerely Idris R. Jones