James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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R L Jones's quarry sign

Arthur L Jones and his family

At some time Robert and Isabella's second son, Arthur, born in November 1878, was managing one of his father's quarries (see right). However, his occupation had changed by 1910. In the 1910 and 1920 US censuses he was listed as Arthur L. Jones and was living in Main Street, Peach Bottom. In 1910 he was thirty-two, running a General Store and living with his wife of five years, Mellie (later records indicate this was 'Mollie'), and their children Donald L. Jones, aged four, and Eleanor I. Jones, aged four months. Mollie’s father was a native of Wales and her mother was a native of Pennsylvania. In 1920 Arthur was a machinest in a machine shop, his wife was listed as Mary L (this time her mother was stated to have been born in Wisconsin) and there was a third child, Elizabeth L Jones (aka Betty) aged 3 years 10 months.

Arthur L Jones's grave Arthur died in 1928 and in 1930 Mollie owned a property, 935 Queen Street, York City, York, Pa, where she was living with the three children. Donald was a clerk for the Telephone Company, Isabella E (presumably she was the previously listed "Eleanor I. Jones") was a file clerk for a machinery company and Mollie was not working. This time Mollie's father was a native of Wisconsin and her mother was born in England! (An entry suggesting Mollie had a Welsh backgound had been deleted.)

Arthur's life spanned just over fifty years but Mollie became a centinarian. Buried in Slateville Cemetery near Delta are Arthur Jones (1877-1928), Mollie Jones (1879-1982) and their son Donald (1905-2001); there is a separate, small memorial to Arthur as a father. The US Social Security records indicate that Mollie was born on 24 December 1879 and died in Lancaster County, PA, in May 1982 and that Donald was born on 14 November 1905 and died at Lancaster County on 2 April 2001. Reportedly, Donald was very proud of the fact that his grandfather, Robert L Jones, provided much of the slate for the Rehoboth Welsh Church.