James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Robert F Jones (b. 28 April 1900)

On 23 October 1965, Robert F Jones, the eldest child of John Hayden Jones applied to join the Sons of the American Revolution, a US society where membership depends on being able to trace one's family tree back to an ancestor who supported the cause of American Independence (1775-1783); in Robert's case, that ancestor was Patrick McCurley, who was a direct ancestor of Robert's mother, Mary DeRan. The information Robert provided included that he himself was born on 28 April 1900 in York, Pa., his parents were John Hayden Jones (b 10 Sept. 1972 - d 17 July 1917 at Delta, Pa) and Mary DeRan (b 1879 - d 19 Nov 1901 at "Highland Pres". (Note that John Hayden Jones' dates on his gravestone are 9 Sept. 1972 - 16 July 1917, the latter agreeing with the date on his death certificate.)

The two newspapers that have provided most of the following information were the Hanover Evening Sun [ES} and The Gazette and Daily [G&D] of York. They show Robert's progress in his chosen career was similar to that of his grandfather, Robert L Jones; both overcame the disadvantage of a limited education and through sheer hard work became extremely successful and both they and their wives contributed greatly to their communities.

Life for the young Robert must have been difficult; he was eighteen months old when his mother died and five when his father remarried. In his teenage years he had to cope with his father's unpleasant decline into lunacy and then his death, at which point Robert was only seventeen. In the 1910 census he was a book-keeper in a bank and was listed by Hayden's second wife as her stepson; he had not gone to college. However, both his mother and her sister, who lived with the family, were teachers in state schools so, although funding must have been an issue, education was probably of importance in the household.

When Robert was twenty-two, he married Margaret Elizabeth Gemmill and they settled in Hanover, York, Pa. In January, 1930 Robert became assistant cashier at the People's Bank of Hanover. He was promoted to cashier in January 1936 [ES 19 May 1954] and in the summer of 1938, he graduated from Rutgers University: "Robert F, Jones, cashier of the People's Bank of Hanover, was completing his third term at the graduate school of banking at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N. J., and was to graduate at the end of the month." [ES, 15 Jun 1953 in its 'HAPPENINGS 15 YEARS AGO' section] Presumably Robert was funding his own further education.