James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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John Hayden Jones (1874-1917)

The History of York County Pennsylvania by George R. Prowell (1907), p 427 has a section about Robert which begins "ROBERT L. JONES. The following biography is taken verbatum (with a few minor changes to bring the sketch to date) from the Historic Cyclopedia of the 19th Congressional District of Pennsylvania". It concludes on this page, where it states: "His family consists of five children, whose names, given in order of birth, are: Emma, John, Hayden*, Arthur, Isabella and Idris, who are at present all residing with their parents, where they easily and gracefully sustain the high position in local society which their father's successful and honourable career in business and other circles has won for himself and his family.". [* Research reveals this should read "John Hayden", without a comma or there would be six children named and the 1900 census confirms there were only five.]

The name of 'John Hayden Jones', is definitely linked to the family, as the following extracts from local newspapers affirm:

"The charter for the Robert L. Jones Slate Manufacturing Company, capitalized at $50,000, was received September 25. The directors of the company were, Emma E. Smith, J. Hayden Jones, Isabella Jones, Peach Bottom Township; E. W. Keyser*, Bridgeton; Arthur L. Jones, Delta. Federal engineers were surveying portions of York and Lancaster Counties, preparatory to making a topographical and geographical map of the triangle, including the location of mines, minerals, elevation and watersheds." [Delta Herald-Times, 6 Oct. 1932, p 2 (see here)]
[* E. Winchester Keyser was a cashier of the First National Bank of Delta, York county].

"The charter of the Robert L. Jones Slate Manufacturing company was recorded at York. Directors of the company were listed as Emma E. Smith, Hayden Jones and Isabella Jones, Peach Bottom township; E. H. Keyser, Bridgeton, and Arthur L. Jones, Delta." [The Gazette and Daily (of York, Pa), 26 Sept 1957, p 18 (see here)]

According to family trees on the Ancestry website, John Hayden Jones, born in Pennsylvania on 17 September 1874, married Mary Ida Neeper (b 6 Jan 1883 in Harford County, Maryland) and they had children Sarah I Jones (b 13 Aug 1907 in Delta, York, Pa) and Nelson Jones (b ca 1912). Evidence suggests that this was John's second marriage, his first wife, Mary DeRan, having died on 19 November 1901, less than two years after the birth of their son, Robert F Jones, on 28 April 1900.    >>