James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Deaths and descendants

Robert and Isabella's children were all born in the Peach Bottom area of Pennsylvania. John Gibson in his York County, Pennsylvania Biographical History, Chicago: F.A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886 lists the children as Emma Jones, William J. Jones, Arthur Jones and Isabella Jones. Six years earlier the census had included Emma (8), John (6) and Arthur (2). In the 1900 census the children were Emma E (or C) (b Nov 1872), John Arthur L (b Nov 1878 [all other evidence suggests he was simply 'Arthur L' and was born in 1877]), Isabella (b Aug 1882) and Idris R (b June 1891). All were still living with their parents in 1907 when it was said that the children "easily and gracefully sustain the high position in local society which their father's successful and honourable career in business and other circles has won for himself and his family." I am told that the house Robert L Jones had built for himself and his family was quite a grand Victorian mansion which was very lovingly restored in 2011 by its occupants.

The previously cited History of York County Pennsylvania (Volume I) indicated that in 1907 R. L. Jones, and his two sons, Arthur and John Jones were running R. L. Jones & Company of Delta; in fact, Robert died that year. Within ten years the youngest son, Idris, had joined the family firm and was a manager.

Robert L Jones's grave Isabella Jones's grave This site informs us that Robert died from tuberculosis on 10 February 1907 and Isabella died in 1917. Both are buried in Slateville Presbyterian Church Cemetery, to the east of West Bangor.

It is sad that, having prospered in the slate industry and having given so much to their community, their graves are marked by such simple stones and not by one of the splendid slate memorials that grace the local cemeteries.