James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Arthur was buried in Slateville Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Delta, on 17 April. Arthur L Jones's grave

I searched for news of any trial or sentencing for the driver and found nothing. However, I did find several newspaper reports which showed he was not in prison two years later. On Saturday 8 February 1930 a truck full of young men who had been drinking crashed through the security gate at the North George crossing of the Pennsylvania railroad. The passengers included, Ralph Folckhemer, then twenty three, the driver of the car that had struck and killed Arthur, as well as a youth who had been in the car with him that day. By a tragic irony, Ralph was thrown out of the truck, ending up on the rails and under the wheels of a moving engine in the yard. His legs were so badly crushed that both had to be amputated below the knee. [Hanover Evening Sun, 10 February 1930].

Arthur’s wife Mary (aka Mollie) was born in Pennsylvania on 24 December 1879. In 1930 she and the three children had not moved from the house in York City but three years later Mollie moved to Lancaster, Pa., where she was living with Donald in 1940 and where she lived until her death in May 1982. She was one hundred and two when she died. She was buried beside her husband in Slateville Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Delta. The three children of Arthur and Mollie Jones lived with their widowed mother until 1930 and Mollie was still living with the eldest, Donald, in 1940.