James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

In 1920, with the war over, the family was back together in the Delta property which, incidentally, they owned. Arthur was a machinist in a machine shop; it is likely he was working for his paternal uncle Richard Roberts, husband of Robert's sister Anne, who had built up a very successful foundry and machine shop business nearby. Arthur’s wife was listed as Mary L (this time her mother was stated to have been born in Wisconsin) and there was a third child, Elizabeth L Jones (aka Betty) aged 3 years 10 months. It stated that the Welsh parents' mother tongue was Welsh. In 1928 the Jones family was living at 935 South Queen Street, York, Pa., and Arthur was working as a clerk with the General Electrical Company. Tragically, that April, Arthur was knocked down and fatally injured in a hit-and-run accident:

Hurled eighty feet when struck by a speeding automobile three blocks from his home, Arthur L. Jones, 50, of this city, suffered injuries which resulted in his death early yesterday. The accident occurred shortly after midnight yesterday, while Jones was crossing the street. Eye-witnesses say that the machine was traveling at a very high rate of speed and did not slacken its pace after the man was struck, but continued at high speed and disappeared. Broken, demolished in the crash, the man was taken to the York Hospital, where it was found that he suffered concussion of the brain, fractured left leg and lacerations of the head and face. He died three hours later. He is survived by his widow, a son Donald, a student at State College, and two daughters. [The Evening News 16 April 1928]

The full extent of Arthur’s injuries as set out on his death certificate are appalling and Mollie and their children must have been traumatised by what happened. The police traced the driver:

Ralph R. Folckemer, 22, admittedly the driver of the automobile which struck and killed Arthur L. Jones Sunday, and who sped away and left the dying man unaided, was held for court yesterday after a hearing before Alderman Owen. He is charged with murder in the first count and voluntary manslaughter in the second count. The case was to go to the grand jury today. Folckemer was permitted to enter bail of $10,000. [Harrisburg Telegraph 19 April 1928]