James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Some of Robert F Jones's ancestry was set out in his 1965 application to become a member of the Sons of the American Revolution (he qualified through his mother’s line). Other information comes from US censuses, marriage and death certificates, newspaper reports and some family trees on Ancestry.

On 6 September 1906 at York, Pa., J Hayden Jones, then thirty-three, married Mary Ida Neeper, aged twenty-three (b 6 Jan 1883 in Harford County, Maryland).

The 1910 census shows the family - John H Jones (36), Mary I Jones (26), Robert F Jones (9) and Sarah I Jones (2) - living on a farm at Coulson Town and Peach Bottom Road, Peach Bottom, with a resident servant, John R Sweney (13), who presumably worked on the farm; Hayden was managing a slate quarry. There was a third child, (John) Nelson Jones, born on 22 August 1911.

Hayden, together with his siblings and a bank cashier, was listed as a director of "The Robert L. Jones Slate Manufacturing Company” when its charter was submitted on 25 September 1907. However, the Delta Herald-Times, January 11, 1934, in its 'Twenty-five years ago' section contains the following report from 1909: "John Hayden Jones has entered the employ of the United Peach Bottom Slate Co. as traveling salesman." Whether or not he continued to be actively involved in the family business is not clear. Incidentally, other reports indicate that Hayden and Mary contributed to good causes; for example, Mary helped to raise funds for the war effort during WWI.