James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Emma Eleanor Jones

The censuses indicate that Emma Eleanor Jones, the eldest daughter of Robert L and Isabella Jones, was born in November 1872 in West Bangor. (This Methodist record suggests she was born on 29 November but in 1871 and given the name "Emma Elin".) In the 1900 census she was a book-keeper in West Bangor, presumably for her father’s business. The following is a translation of the report [Y Drych 06/12/1900] of her wedding which took place on 7 November 1900:

West Bangor, Pa. - November 7, in the chapel of T. C., Mr. George E. Smith and Miss Emma E. Jones, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Jones from that place. Rev. Geo. L. Smith, father of the groom, officiated, assisted by his curate. The chapel was attractively decorated for the occasion and the wedding parade was a very beautiful one. The bride came in on her father's arm, and the groom’s best man was his friend, Mr. A. B. Struchler* from York. The house's provision for the guests was excellent, and the gifts were multiple and costly. The couple are going to live in Delta. [* I suspect a misprint since in the 1900 census George was lodging with Ambrose B Strickler (28).]

The son of native New Yorkers, the Rev. George L and Carrie (née Olden) Smith, George Elbert Smith was born on 5 March 1871 in New Jersey [Death Cert/censuses] and he was a 'newspaper man' at the time of their marriage. By 1910 the family had moved to 303 Woodside Avenue, Narberth, Montgomery, Pa., on the outskirts of Philadelphia. George was a salesman working for a slate company. They had a four-year old son, Morgan Olden Smith who had been born on 10 June 1905, a resident servant and boarding with them was a young married couple.

In 1912 Emma's widowed mother, Isabella, spent the winter staying with them in Narberth [The Delta Herald-Times, April 12, 1912].

Tragically, George died the following year, on 8 March at the family home in Narberth. It would appear that he had been ill for several weeks and the cause of death was Chronic Nephritis accompanied by Uraemia (i.e. inflammation of the kidneys, the loss of their function causing a raised level of urea and other nitrogenous waste in the blood); he must have been in great pain. George was buried on 12 March in Philadelphia. At the time of his death he was working as an agent. [Death certificate]

The next two pages are about Morgan but also contain the little I know of what became of Emma.