James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants


On the page announcing Robert's death (see index on left) is a comment by Rev. Griffith Ellis, of Bootle, Lancashire: "He [Robert] and his wife and daughter visited this country some years ago; and I had at that time the pleasure of their society". The question arises as to how they met. Griffith Ellis graduated from Oxford University and I believe he was a teacher in Merionethshire in 1871 before becoming a Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Minister. Thereafter he married a Liverpool lady and they spent their married life in Bootle, which is on the opposite bank of the Mersey estuary from Birkenhead. It is possible that Rev. Ellis knew Isabella's mother who had moved to Birkenhead, together with Isabella's half-siblings, and that Isabella met him when visiting her mother, who died in 1895.

However, it is more likely that they met at one of the meetings of the North Wales Association of Calvinistic Methodists which regularly welcomed visitors, both ministers and lay people, from America to their meetings. For example, the Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald and North and South Wales Independent, 28 June 1901, "Revs Hugh W. Griffith, B.A., W. E. Evans, and Humphrey W. Griffith, B.D., visitors from America, were read, and these and other laymen from the United States were cordially welcomed, on the motion of the Rev Griffith Ellis, M.A." Robert and Isabella were Calvinistic Methodists and as a deacon Robert may well have been part of a delegation that travelled to the United Kingdom.

The only other very tenuous connection that I've found is that Griffith Ellis was born in Talyllyn, Merionethshire, in about 1845, and Talyllyn is not far from Corris, where Isabella's father was living at the time of her birth in 1852, according to her birth certificate.