James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Sadly, the 20th century saw the demise of the Peach Bottom quarries. R L Jones's quarry was integrated into the Funkhauser Quarry which in about 1944 was the final local quarry to cease operation. The durability of Peach Bottom slate would suggest that it will continue to be seen on rooves for decades to come before it becomes a mere feature of history, a history in which Robert L Jones, Isabella, their family and their Welsh colleagues played a major part. Robert and Isabella were lucky enough to live through a golden era of slate quarrying in Peach Bottom.

Some of the graves in Slateville Presbyterian Church Cemetery where Robert and Isabella are buried are ornate, slate structures. From what has been revealed about the characters and values of this couple, these simple cuboid stones are fitting markers for their graves.

Slateville Church Robert L/Isabella Jones's grave