James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The 1886 Biography reported that on August 22, 1882 a charter granted Delta the right to establish Corporal Baer Post No, 277 of the Grand Army of the Republic and Robert was made second in command. G.A.R. was a political pressure group of honourably discharged Union Civil War veterans involved in charitable work and campaigning for soldiers’ welfare, pensions and housing; yet another example of Robert wanting to help others less fortunate than himself.

[YD, 8 Mar. 1883] published an article praising the Welsh community around West Bangor for not allowing itself to be dominated by other nationalities and it singled out "Robert L. Jones, a native of Penmachno, Arfon" – 'Arfon’ being that part of North Wales 'Facing Anglesey’ - as being one of the successful entrepreneurial Welshmen; it said that as soon as the lease on a flooded quarry had become available after its mismanagement by an American proprietor Robert had taken it on and since then he had made thousands from it every year. The article was critical of other Welsh-speaking communities of quarrymen in America who were not prepared to take on the responsibility of ownership but were content to work for American, English or Dutch proprietors.

Robert was similarly praised in The Delta Herald, 25 July 1884:

"Mr. R. L. Jones is a kind, courteous and intelligent Welshman, who thoroughly understands his business. He commenced as a workman, and has made himself a handsome competency by his hard work, effort, tact and good luck."
That same journal [19 Sep 1884 p2] in an article about a tour of the quarries wrote:
"Leaving this quarry we proceeded to the one operated by R. L Jones Co. located to the west of and in close contiguity with the Parker quarry, often called the "Big" quarry. The Company has been operating at this point less than six years ... Though one of the smallest quarries, it is one of the most productive on the Ridge."
This would suggest that Robert was operating near the "Big" quarry at that time, but that he did not yet own it; within ten years he would.