James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The many mysteries

Isabel left behind many unanswered questions. How much was she the harbinger of her own destiny? Why did she marry John Roberts in Shropshire, fifty miles from her home in Wales? Why were relationships with her various partners/ husbands so short-lived? What happened to John Roberts? What happened to John Bennett? What was the true identity of Elijah Trevethan’s father, the so-called Ezekiel Osborne Trevethan? Did she have any other children that perhaps died in infancy? Why did Isabel retain the surname Gibbons after 1870, particularly when all her children, even those born after her marriage to John Roberts, eventually adopted the surname Roberts? (John Roberts appears to have been called upon to be the father, not only of all the children but even of Isabel herself when she remarried but why?) Why did Isabel’s daughter Isabella Ellen Roberts go to America and why did Isabel and her children move to Birkenhead? Fundamentally, why was her life so very different from those of her siblings?

Isabel's parents and older sister, Sarah, appear to have helped to look after the two daughters of her first marriage on occasions but I wonder if her immediate family maintained contact with Isabel, herself, once John Roberts had disappeared from the scene.

The instability of her life must have been difficult both for her and for her children but without knowing the full circumstances it would be unfair to be judgemental; whatever the reason for the departure of John Roberts, it would appear that this was possibly a watershed for the enigmatic Isabel.