James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

End of 'second marriage'

In 1871, George was still living in Bethel Street with Isabel and his step-children Timothy Owen Bennett, aged six and born in Denbighshire, Victoria Bennett, aged four and born in Llwyngwril, and Elijah Trevethan Roberts, aged two and born in Llanidloes. Living with them was George’s father John Gibbons, then a widower, and George’s unmarried sister Louisa. The occupation of both John and George was given as ‘carpenter’. Neither of Isabella’s eldest daughters appears to have lived with her after her second marriage.

It may be that George was not party to the deceptions in their marriage and perhaps gossip in the town revealed something of Isabel’s duplicity; whatever the reason, it appears that they did not remain ‘married’ long. Some time during the next ten years Isabella and her three younger children moved to Birkenhead though her father continued to live in Llanidloes. In 1881 Isabel, still calling herself Isabella Gibbons, was living with her sons Timothy, a marble mason, and his half-brother, Elijah, a scholar, at 15 Chapel Place, Tranmere, Birkenhead. Isabella was again working as a dressmaker and was still ‘married’. George had returned to Shropshire; George Gibbons, and aged thirty-nine (Isabella’s and George’s ages in the censuses were seldom consistent), and Mary Ann Gibbons, also thirty-nine and a dressmaker, were lodging, at 15 Hills Lane, Shrewsbury. Both were ‘married’. This George Gibbons, like Isabel’s husband, had been born in ‘Pontesbury, Shropshire’. There was only one George Gibbons born in Shropshire in the early 1840s so they must have been one and the same man. I believe George died soon afterwards, aged forty three [Atcham 1884, 4th qt].