James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Enigmatic Isabel

Isabel Owen was James Owen and Susannah Morgan’s second child. She led a life that was totally different from those of her immediate family and it is doubtful whether it will ever be possible to understand the circumstances that dictated its course.

There were unexpected changes of name both for Isabel and for her children, inaccuracies in her recorded age, unexpected events and unexpected locations for events. I have been unable to discover what became of her first husband but the children she later had by other partners eventually took his name. So many factors contributed towards making the tracing of Isabel's life challenging. The research would have been almost impossible were it not for the scant information that had been passed down to me that Isabel married and had two daughters: one of them, Nellie, married a quarry proprietor in Delta, Pennsylvania, and had children, Bella and Idris: the name Starkey was mentioned. I believe the original source for this material was a descendant of Isabel's who was living in Wales in the mid twentieth century; I know not who but the information proved to be correct.

For several years it was not possible to make any progress but I have now established an outline of Isabel's life and of the lives of some of her descendants. I have also found living descendants but there are still many unanswered questions.