James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants


There is a final postscript about the Shelby branch of the family. I am told that there was a wealthy Shelby relation who lived in the Yorkshire/ Lincolnshire area and that after his death there was £11 million held in chancery at least some of which should have been the property of the Sarah Anne Shelby’s descendants. I am also told that John Vivian Shelby tried to prove this but, when he went to find the relevant record of marriage in the Parish register somewhere in S Wales, the page had been torn out. An article by Tom Morgan in the Welsh Gazette, Aberystwyth, of Feb 9 1933, states that the Shelby family were claimants to an estate in Pembrokeshire. They found important evidence in their favour from some records at Haford but cannot say whether from the church or the mansion …. they came within an ace of being successful in their claim

John Shelby's family lived in Tregaron in Ceredigion and he appears to have been a descendant of Evan Shelby and Catherine Morgan. Judith Trolinger (and here), a researcher in Texas, has provided me with information and she has written:

Tregaron has been intriguing Shelby researchers in the USA since the late 1800s. Most ... of the USA Shelby's are descended from Evan Shelby born 1720, christened at the St Caron's Church in Tregaron and where he married Catherine Morgan, and where most of their children were christened. My husband is a direct descendant of this couple. The mystery is how did they get from Tregaron to Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania in 1734? Who of their families stayed in Tregaron??
Some of the US Shelbys had distinguished careers. Several places there were named after General Isaac Shelby, famous for serving in the Revolutionary War, the Indian Wars and the War of 1812 and for becoming the first governor of the state of Kentucky; he was governor twice. More recent US Shelbys of note include Carroll Hall Shelby (b 1923) who developed successful businesses associated with motor-racing and who is probably best remembered for the development of the Shelby Cobra sports cars, Richard Shelby, senator for Alabama, and Jerry Shelby, NASA Engineer and Inventor, who invented an engine protection system for a recoverable rocket booster.